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guidelines for symposia

1. The National Maritime Law Association ("NMLA") hosting the Symposium should establish an organising committee to liaise with the CMI contact person (usually the Administrator and/or Secretary General).

It is recommended that a Professional Conference Organiser ("PCO") be retained to make bookings with a hotel and other venues.

2. The host Association should bear the following information in mind:

a) CMI's preference for a venue for the Symposium is a large and well-appointed hotel with facilities able to accomodate at least 250 delegates, inclusive of accompanying persons ("APs").

b) The Symposium format has, historically, had the following features. They may be changed to adapt to local conditions or other requirements.

i) An all-day meeting of the CMI Executive Council will usually be held immediately prior to the commencement of the Symposium. A meeting room in the hotel with tea, coffee and water service for 16 persons will be required for this purpose. Lunch will either be taken in the meeting room or at a nearby restaurant.

ii) Registration of delegates and APs, and welcome reception with APs, usually takes place during the afternoon and evening of the day the Executive Council meets at the hotel.

iii) The following day is devoted to the Symposium substantive programme with brief welcoming speeches be the Presidents of the CMI and the host Association, and perhaps a short speech by a Judge, leading figure in the Maritime Community, such as the Minister of Transport or equivalent. Most of the sessions on this day will be organised by the host Association with subjects and speakers of it's choice.

iv) On the following morning, the last sessions of the Symposium take place with the CMI organising and arranging subjects and speakers of it's choice. The CMI Assembly will be held that afternoon. During those two days, the host association will organise tours and lunches for APs.

v) Lunches, morning and afternoon tea, coffee and water service should be provided to delegates during the Symposium days.

vi) Member of the Executive Council and nominated members of the host association should try to have lunch together at some stage during the event.

vii) LCD projection for Power Point presentations, appropriate audio aids (podium and table top microphones and cordless roaming microphones) two of each for each concurrent session, plus runners are required for the Symposium sessions.

viii) The possibility of high quality simultaneous English/French and French/English interpretation should be investigated ad costed.

ix)  A meeting room at the hotel should be available for the Assistant Administrator or representative from the CMI secretariat. A local secretary may be required as well - at the expense of the host Association. This room should contain a fast photocopying machine and a computer with adequate stationary, staplers, pens, paperclips and photocopying paper. An internet link should be available for the duration of the Symposium.

x) International Sub Committees or International Working Groups may need to use meeting rooms during the Symposium These should be booked at the Symposium hotel, if possible, or at least nearby.

xi) Academic ad social sessions should be organised for Young CMI, if at all possible.

xii) The room layout for the Assembly and Symposium should be 'class room' style, where space permits.

xiii) Approximately 10 months prior to the scheduled dates of the Symposium, a flyer, brochure or e-mail notice giving the dates involved be sent at all NMLAs (see paragraph 6 below for further details).

xiv) Preliminary information (flyers or e-mails) should be prepared and distributed as soon as possible as per paragraph 6 below. The Symposium brochure should contain an outline of the topics to be discussed and should be mailed to the same addresses in paragraph 6 at least 6 months prior to the Symposium. Early payment of the registration fee by delegates should attract a discounted rate. Arrangements should be made with the PCO early on that Chairmen, Rapporteurs and invited speakers should never be charged more than the discounted Early Bird rate when they register.

xv) A Symposium website should be established as soon as possible with full, regularly updated details. E-mail or internet registration about the Symposium should be sent by e-mail to all potential delegates.

xvi) Dress code for the Assembly, Symposium sessions and social events should be specified in brochures and Symposium documents.

xvii) At registration each delegate should receive a calendar of events, the final program for the Symposium, a list of registrants and names tags.

3. Symposium Budget

The host association provides the funding and takes the financial risk. A budget should be prepared by the host association on the basis of the above information as soon as possible for discussion with the CMI contact person. Registration fees, with the help of sponsorship monies should be designed to make a surplus. The surplus generated will be shared on a 50/50 basis between the CMI and the host association. The CMI will not put funds upfront and cannot accept any responsibility for financial deficits. The host Association shall take into account and local tax liabilities including withholding taxes on remittances to the CMI.

a) The printing of the flyers, brochures, registration forms, as well as a list of delegates and programs of the Symposium for delegates, will also need to be taken into account in the budget.

b) The cost of publication in the Yearbook of the papers produced at the Symposium will be borne by the CMI.

c) The members of the CMI Executive Council will, unless agreed otherwise, be reimbursed by the CMI for the registration fee, accommodation and travel expenses.

d) The CMI contact person will also decide at an early date how much of the registration fee and the cost of travel and accommodation for the chairmen of the Symposium sessions, rapporteurs and invited speakers will be borne by the CMI or, on the other hand, included as Symposium budget expenses.

e) The Assistant Administrator or representative of the CMI secretariat pays no registration fee and her accommodation and travel expenses will be borne by the CMI.

4. The CMI will pay for the room for the Executive Council meeting plus coffee, tea, water service and lunch. The CMI will also pay for the room for the Assembly and the CMI session of the Symposium plus coffee, tea and water service on that day. The cost of these rooms (plus coffee, tea and water services) for an International Sub Committee, International Working Group or delegate meeting will also be borne by the CMI. The individual members will usually have lunch at a nearby restaurant at their own expense.

5. The host Association, sponsors and/or registration fee will pay for the welcome reception, lunches and room charges (including coffee, tea and water service) for the day of their Symposium speaker panels.

6. Publicity

Preliminary information (flyers or e-mails), as well as the Symposium brochure, should after agreement with the CMI contact person and the host Association, be distributed to:

a) Each member of the Executive Council and all Titulary Members.

b) the President and or secretaries of each National Association. They should be encouraged to distribute copies at all members of their Association.

c) Consultative members and observers.

d) All appropriate shipping legal and trade associations within the host country and region.

e) CMI website with a link to the Symposium website.

f) LinkedIn website and CMI group page.

7. A website for the Symposium should be established as soon as possible and the coordinates distributed with all notices and mailing.

8. The host Association should obtain as much sponsorship money as possible from local and international shipping, trade and legal groups and may accept advertising to be inserted in the Symposium literature and allow displays by sponsors at the Symposium. Sponsors may be invited to support particular events during the Symposium such as tea breaks, lunch or any evening social event. Levels of funding (eg gold, platinum and silver) with a financial limit attached to each may be appropriate and included in the brochure and notices to delegates immediately prior to the Symposium. Selected representatives of sponsors may be invited to Symposium and social events.

9. Symposium space should be booked at the earliest possible date.

July 9th, 2013