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Guidelines For Proposing The Election of Titulary and Provisional Members


Titulary Members

No person shall be proposed for election as a Titulary Member of the Comité Maritime International without supporting documentation establishing in detail the qualifications of the candidate in accordance with Article 3 (I)(c) of the Constitution. The Administrator shall receive any proposals for Titulary Membership, with such documentation, not less than sixty (60) days prior to the meeting of the Assembly at which the proposal is to be considered

Contributions to the work of the Comité may include active participation as a voting Delegate to two or more International Conferences or Assemblies of the CMI, service on a CMI Working Group or International Sub-Committee, delivery of a paper at a seminar or colloquium conducted by the CMI, or other comparable activity which has made a direct contribution to the CMI’s work. Services rendered in furtherance of international uniformity may include those rendered primarily in or to another international organization, or published writing that tends to promote uniformity of maritime law or related commercial practice. Services otherwise rendered to or work within a Member Association must be clearly shown to have made a significant contribution to work undertaken by the Comité or to furtherance of international uniformity of maritime law or related commercial practice.

Provisional Members

Candidates for Provisional Membership must not merely express an interest in the object of the CMI, but must have demonstrated such interest by relevant published writings, by activity promoting uniformity of maritime law and/or related commercial practice, or by presenting a plan for the organization and establishment of a new Member Association.

Periodic Review

Every three years, not less than sixty (60) days prior to the meeting of the Assembly, each Provisional Member shall be required to submit a concise report to the Secretary-General of the CMI concerning the activities organized or undertaken by that Provisional Member during the reporting period in pursuance of the object of the Comité Maritime International.

1. Adopted in New York, 8th May 1999, pursuant to Article 3 (I)(c) and (d) of the Constitution.