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1. The National Association which is to host the CMI Conference should establish an organising committee to liaise with the President or any other nominees of the President's on the Executive Council of CMI.

2. The National Association is encouraged to seek tenders for the organisation of the Conference from professional conference organisers (PCO) in their country.

3. On receipt of the responses to the invitation to tender, the National Association should make a recommendation to the President (or his nominees on the Executive Council) as to which conference organiser's services are to be retained.

4. The National Association and the PCO should bear the following information in mind:-

(a) CMI's preference for a venue for the conference is a large and well appointed hotel with attached Conference facilities able to accommodate 350 to 450 delegates and observers plus 150 accompanying persons. Figures for delegates (excluding accompanying persons) from past conferences are: Lisbon (1985) — 395, Paris (1990) - 460.„ Sydney (1994) — 364, Antwerp (1997) — 501, Singapore (2001) — 358, Vancouver (2004) - 384 (plus 111 accompanying persons). Athens - 368 delegates (plus 112 accompanying persons) and Beijing - 352 (plus 60 accompanying persons).

(b) The CMI Conference format has, historically, had the following features:-

(i) The Conference will start on Monday morning and run through to the Friday lunch time.

(ii) An Opening Ceremony on the Monday morning of the Conference, at which the President of CMI, the President of the host National Association and a local dignitary welcome delegates and open the Conference. Some form of "stage set" (banners, logos of CMI and National Association etc) will be needed and it is the tradition to have some form of "native" entertainment.

(iii) Monday (following the Opening Ceremony), Tuesday, Wednesday morning (if necessary), Thursday are for Conference business sessions. A Plenary Session to review the work of the Conference and to pass appropriate Resolutions will be held on the Friday morning and the CMI Annual Assembly will be held in the afternoon, or on the Saturday morning.

(iv) Wednesday (or just afternoon) is set aside for an excursion, the cost of which is included in the Registration Fee, A visit to a local site, including lunch should be organised.

(v) Friday night is normally a formal dinner (with entertainment), the cost of which is included in the Registration Fee. (Suggested dress code is formal, but in view of implications for delegates' luggage there should be an option of "business attire".)

(vi) On Sunday (prior to the Conference) and on Friday afternoon (after the Assembly) or Saturday morning, meetings of the Executive Council of the CMI will be held. A meeting room for approximately 15 people will be required for this purpose.

(vii) Morning and afternoon tea and coffee should be provided to delegates on the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Also tea and coffee should be provided for the mid-morning break on Wednesday, if utilized.

(viii) It has, in the past, been found appropriate to split the business days as follows: 09:00 to 10:30, coffee/tea break, 11:00 to 12:30, lunch break, 14:00 to 15:30, tea/coffee break and 16:00 to 17:30. This can be subject to variation as necessary.

(ix) Lunches should be provided to delegates on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The cost to be included in the Registration Fee. Lunch on Wednesday will be part of the excursion.

(x) The Executive Council and members of the National Association hosting the Conference (with accompanying persons) should try to have lunch or dinner together at some stage during the week.

(xi) A welcome cocktail party/reception should be held on the Sunday night.

(xii) Provide LCD projection for PowerPoint presentations, appropriate audio aids (podium and top table microphones), cordless roaming microphones (2 to each concurrent session, plus runners) are required for most sessions.

(xiii) The possibility of high quality simultaneous English/French and French/English translation should be investigated and costed.

(xiv) A room needs to be available from the Sunday to the following Saturday sufficiently large to house the CMI Secretariat of 2 secretaries. This office should contain 2 fast photocopying machines and 2 computers. If possible, an internet link should be installed for the duration of the Conference. [with adequate stationery, ie staplers, staples, pens, paperclips and photocopying paper etc.

(xv) Some delegations will need to use meeting rooms during the period of the Conference (Sunday to Friday inclusive). For this purpose one Conference room (max 15 people) should be available throughout the week and should be bookable for use through the CMI Secretariat.

(xvi) The Conference facilities need to include sufficient space to hold the Opening Ceremony on the Monday and the Plenary Session on the Friday of the Conference at which all delegates will be present (anything up to 400 people). If possible, the room layout for all sessions should be in school room format (tables and chairs), though for the Opening Ceremony theatre style (no tables) is acceptable).

(xvii) For the remainder of the Conference sessions, it will be necessary for space to breakdown into two (or more) areas for separate sessions. The likely number of delegates who will attend each of the separate sessions will vary from Conference to Conference, but as a rough guide, the separate session spaces should be capable of holding up to 150 people in each. (Vancouver used the Plenary session room, plus one other breakout room – this worked well. Beijing had additional rooms.)

(xviii) Approximately 12 months prior to the scheduled date of the Conference, an electronic flyer which should contain a reply facility (by which recipients can express interest in attending the Conference) should be sent out. (See 6 below for mailing list details).

(xix) A full Conference brochure including registration form should be placed on the Conference website and/or emailed at least 8 months prior to the Conference. Early payment of the registration fee should attract a discounted rate. This brochure should contain an outline of the topics to be discussed at the Conference. CMI will supply copies of previous brochures for reference. A Conference website should be established with full, regularly up-dated details. Email or internet registration and optional payment by credit card should be encouraged. Regular reminders about the Conference should be sent by email to all potential delegates.

(xx) An accompanying persons programme should be prepared involving interesting cultural visits for 2 or 3 of the business days of the Conference. (Generally, these should be of half day duration only.) These visits should be optional and separately chargeable.

(xxi) Seating for Conference sessions and for the Assembly meeting will be by National   Association; national name cards (two sets) will need to be printed for display in holders for identification purposes within the Conference rooms.

(xxii) A Briefcase with CMI and local Association logos to be provided to Registrants and a small momento / gift.

(xxiii) The National Association should decide a social programme for the evenings of the Conference either hosted by local organisations or included in the Registration Fee or an at cost option.

(xxiv) Dress code for Conference sessions and social events should be specified in brochures and Conference documents.

(xxv) At registration each registrant will receive a handy size diary of events including the final programme for the Conference and a list of registrants.

5. Conference Budget: This should be prepared by the PCO and the National Association on the basis of the above information. Registration fees should be designed to make a profit from the Conference of at least USD20,000.00. The profit generated will be split 50/50 between the CMI and the National Association. The CMI will not put funds up front and cannot accept any responsibility for financial deficits.

(a) The cost of publishing and distributing the papers prepared for the Conference will be met from the Conference budget and will need to be budgeted for. (The method of publication and distribution, which is a developing topic, will need to be discussed with CMI well in advance.)

(b) The printing of the flyers, brochures, registration forms as well as lists of delegates and programs of the Conference for delegates, as well as menus etc will also need to be budgeted for.

(c) The cost of publication in the CMI Yearbook of the papers produced at the Conference will be borne by the CMI.

(d) The President, Secretary-General, Treasurer and Administrator of the CMI, Chairmen of Conference sessions, Rapporteur and invited speakers will, unless agreed otherwise, pay 50% of the Conference Registration Fee and bear their own travel expenses (CMI officers may have their travel expenses covered by CMI.)

(e) CMI Consultative Members shall be entitled to nominate one representative to attend any CMI Conference at a 50% rebate of the conference registration fee (but the representative shall pay for his/her own travel and accommodation).

(f) The staff of the CMI Secretariat pay no Registration Fee. Hotel accommodation expenses for the President, the Secretary-General and the two members of the CMI Secretariat will be borne by the Conference.

(g) Hotel expenses (on a room only basis) for the Chairmen, Rapporteur and invited speakers will be borne by the Conference for the night before and the night of their involvement in the programme.
NOTE: It is essential that the CMI and the National Association agree, at the time when the budget is being prepared, approximately how many individuals will receive concessions.

6. Publicity: Once a PCO has been retained, they will need to make bookings for the Conference space and prepare preliminary information (flyers) to be sent to:

(a) each member of the Executive Council and all Titulary Members.*

(b) all attendees at the immediately previous CMI International Conference.*

(c) the Presidents and members of the Executive of each National Association for distribution to members of that Association.*

(d) consultative members and observers.*

(e) all appropriate shipping, legal and trade associations and persons within the host country and the region.

*This information will be provided by the CMI.

7. The National Association shall obtain as much sponsorship as possible from local and international shipping, trade and legal groups and may accept advertising to be inserted in the Conference literature and allow displays by the sponsors at the Conference. Sponsors may be invited to support particular events during the Conference such as a tea/coffee break, lunch or more generally. It may be a good idea to establish levels of funding,
ie Gold, Platinum and Silver with a financial limit attached to each.

August 2013