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DATABASE FOR JUDICIAL DECISIONS ON INTERNATIONAL CONVENTIONS (previously known as 'Jurisprudence on Maritime Conventions')



Professor Stephen D. GIRVIN,
Director, Centre for Maritime Law (CML), National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law
Eu Tong Sen Building, 469G Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259776
E-mail: sdgirvin@nus.edu.sg


Lawrence TEH [Singapore]

Taco VAN DER VALK [Netherlands]

Alexander VON ZIEGLER [Switzerland]



Judicial Decisions on International Conventions


Maritime conventions harmonise shipping law.  Because of their purpose, it is also important that maritime conventions be interpreted harmoniously, in the light of their international background.  The CMI has invited the Centre for Maritime Law of the National University of Singapore (CML) to collaborate in the creation of a new electronic database to better serve the members of the international maritime community.  The CMI is therefore pleased to announce the launch of a new database, Judicial Decisions on International Conventions, which replaces the existing database Jurisprudence on Maritime Conventions.


In designing the database, the CMI and CML have considered the issue of language. As English is the language that is most used internationally and in the maritime industry globally and because of the enormous cost of translation services, the database can only accept summaries of case submissions in the English language.  However, we will also be including PDF copies of the full judgment in the original language where this is available (see below, para.14).

The CMI and CML have invited all national maritime law associations to make submissions to the database on Judicial Decisions on International Conventions in relation to the following conventions:

  • The Salvage Convention 1910
  • The 1910 Collision Convention
  • The 1924 Bill of Lading Convention and its 1968 and 1979 Protocols (Hague-Visby Rules)
  • The 1926 Convention on Maritime Liens on Mortgages
  • The 1952 Arrest Convention
  • The CLC 1969-1992
  • The Fund Convention 1971-1992
  • The Limitation Convention (LLMC) 1976
  • The 1976 Athens Convention on the Carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by Sea
  • The Hamburg Convention 1978 (Hamburg Rules)
  • United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982
  • SUA Convention 1988
  • The Salvage Convention 1989

Details on the manner in which submissions should be prepared and delivered their submissions to the electronic database have been given to every National Maritime Law Association and the aim of the electronic database, when it goes live, is to allow the international maritime community to maximize its learning and benefit from the case law on maritime conventions emanating from around the world.

The electronic database, which is currently a work in progress, may be viewed at https://law.nus.edu.sg/cmlcmidatabase/.

If you would like to view the old database, Jurisprudence on Maritime Conventions, please click here.

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